Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday List

Things that bring me joy.

  1. Crystal Light with caffiene. There are not enough flavors but I love Citrus Focus and Wild Strawberry.
  2. Lost. Rewatching it currently. Lots of hot mens. I am in particularly into Sayid right now but lose it when I see Sawyer without a shirt or holding a book. Men who read are sexy.
  3. Chinese Chop Salad from Noodles and Company. Yummo.
  4. Summer.
  5. Bluebell perfume from Jo Malone. So fresh and kinda smells like watermelon.
  6. Breakfast at Tiffanys by Truman Capote finally got around to reading it and loved it even if it was a little rascist.
  7. Caitlyn Rose. Amazing alt country artist still listening to her last album.
  8. Cheering for the Special Olympics torch as it passed me while at a stop light in Spanish Fork.
  9. Roses made from magazine paper.
  10. Birds. So interesting to watch and so beautiful
What are you loving right now?

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