Saturday, February 25, 2012

Open letter to the Youtube community

Warning: I was hopped up on percocet when I wrote this.

Dear Youtube community,

I am infuriated, horrified, and astounded at the cruelty of people online. I have a youtube account and many subscriptions. I enjoy many types of videos, vlogs, beauty, animals etc.

I don't understand the cruelty that people display on youtube. It seems most people don't put anything personal on their youtube account so it is pretty anonymous. Because of this anonymity they go wild and aggressively attack others. I have seen the most horrible things said to people, like telling them to kill them selves. I don't comment a lot but when I do I am always nice. While I do like to joke around and I do find many inappropriate things funny I would never want to make someone feel bad.

There is a woman and her youtube username is nanaluvstroubles. She posts vlog type videos and cover songs. She has some health problems and is not the best singer in the world. (Sorry Nana I love ya but you know this is true.) She is also not thin, she is overweight. She gets a lot if  views on her videos which benefits her. She also gets a lot of negative comments, it is like people view her videos just to make mean comments. Maybe she is a genius and knows the controversy she unleashes on youtube with every new video.

Still it boggles my mind at the cruelty people express towards her and others online. True if you put yourself out there this can happen. Why do people feel that the cloak of anonymity gives them a license to be a total douche bag. There is another channel I love it is a young girl who does tutorials on jewelery making. Her instruction is great she taught me how to make a Chinese staircase as a closure for friendship bracelets. I have seen mean comments on her channel. I really don't get it. If you don't like a video don't watch it, go back to watching nut shots or animals mating. If you really want to criticize do it in a kind way.

When I see the repulsive comments it just makes me sad for the state of our society. The world needs  more kindness and less asshattery. I know there are many sweet people who like me only say nice things but there need to be more.

That is all.

Love, Vampire Cupcake

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