Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rave On Buddy Holly

The third and last album I recently acquired and will review is Rave On Buddy Holly various artists.

I grew up listening to Buddy Holly and I love his music and the bio pic from the 80's. I had heard about this album and was interested then I saw the list of of artists and bands covering the tunes and I was in.

I respect Lou Reed and Patti Smith but their songs are almost paced too slow. When I think Buddy Holly I think young, poppy, fast pace. Even the slow songs have a fast to them. Lou Reed's Peggy Sue is too slow.

The highlights

The Black Keys- Dearest

Fiona Apple- Everyday

Karen Elson- Crying, Waiting, Hoping.

Jenny O-I'm Gonna Love You Too

She and Him- Oh Boy!

My Morning Jacket- True Love Always

Modest Mouse- That'll be the Day

The Detroit Cobras- Heartbeat

The super super highlights

Kid Rock-Well All Right Crazy huh. I haven't listened to Kid Rock in ages but his cover is rockin and he should put out an oldies/blues only album. Pleasantly surprised.

div>Cee Lo Green: (You're So Square) Baby, I Don't Care I love Cee Lo and the energy he brings that to this song. So fun, puts you in a great mood.

Florence + The Machine- Not Fade Away This is one of my favorite Holly songs and Florence puts her own spin on Not Fade Away and makes it her own. She did the same for Addicted to Love. She is brilliant. I can't wait for her new album next year.

I want to live on this turtle.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rabbits on the Run review

Vanessa Carlton recently released her fourth album Rabbits on the Run. I guess it is a week of fourth albums. She left her record label and self financed her new album. She went to England to record at Peter Gabriels' studio. She pulled together a great team that she was excited to work with. She also recorded using tape so the album is analog. Analog gives the album a rich quality, it sounds like a record, it could have been recorded 3o years ago. It has a rich warm sound that is calming.

Carousel- This song is uplifting. Puts you in a good mood.
I Don't Want to Be a Bride- I love this one, kinda how I feel about the subject myself, only I don't really have any takers.
London- Our love is a sword throwing kind of love. Great lyric.

Fair Weather Friend- Nice song, great lyrics.

Hear the Bells- Very haunting song. Beautiful

Dear California- Lovely sad song about saying goodbye.

Tall Tales for Spring- Another good song.

Get Good- I love this song and the phrasing of get good again.

Marching Line- Awesomeness not much to say...

In the End- Great closing song.

Chill songs perfect for summer.

Beyonce 4 review (Quickie)

I just got Beyonce's new album 4. It is her fourth solo record and I have enjoyed all her previous stuff so I bought it sight unseen. Good stuff.

Here is my best of.

1+1: Much of this album reminds me of 80's R&B. This song in particular.

Best Thing I Never Had: It is like Beyonce read my mind, this song rocks and says everything I would like to say to someone or maybe more than one someone.
Party: One of the few faster songs, the only thing is the image of Swagu sauce is a little disturbing.
Love On Top Love this one.
I Was Here I am betting lots of schools will be using this for graduation themes.
Run The World (Girls) Girl anthem. Great.

The Help or How The Help helped me.

I finished reading The Help by Kathrn Sockett a few weeks ago and it is still with me. I read a lot of books and I generally enjoy them all but The Help stays and makes me think, and feel even weeks after finishing it. I am hoping the movie coming out in August is half as good.

The basic story is about women in the south, white privileged women and the black women who are the help. The ones hired to clean, cook and raise the babies. It centers on Skeeter who just graduated college and moves back home to her parents and she sees the lives her married friends have and she sees how some of them treat their maids. She had a nanny/maid Cassandra who raised her and whom she was very close and who mysteriously disappeared. Skeeter befriends Aibleen and decided to write a book about the experiences of the maids good and bad. There is a villain named Hilly and Minny does an awful horrible thing that is unspeakable. There is the danger of getting caught right such a book in the south. You will need to read it or see the movie I don't want to ruin it.

Other than a racist comment I made at around 3 years old (let me know if you want to hear the story). I have always believed deep in my soul that all people should be treated equal. I won an award for an essay I wrote in 1st grade about this. I have always been hurt when people are discriminated against no matter what the cause, race, size, sexuality. All the same, it is fueled by hate and ignorance.

When I was in second grade I had a friend name Sequoia he was black and very cute. My teacher called my mother to tell her I was friends with a black boy. This was Orange County for hecks sake. I don't know why they were concerned we were in second grade. My mom just teased me about it. I think she had a secret taste for the chocolate that she never got to indulge in in this life. She was jealous.

This book has so many examples of how black people were treated and it is hard to read. Getting beat for using the wrong bathroom, one maid has to take all her meals outside even in the winter. They are fearful they will get caught for collaborating on the book. They would lose their jobs, their husbands would as well. Sad to think that it was acceptable at one time to treat people like they were not people.

One of my favorite things in the book came from Aibileen. She has been raising children as part of her job for years and she always tried to instill self esteem in them. She also teaches them everyone is equal. She tells little Mae Mobley whose mother is neglectful and cold that she is beautiful, kind, smart and special over and over. She gives so much love to this little white girl who could possibly turn out like her mother. Not Mae she remembers the stories she is told and tells them to her little brother so there is hope. The wealthly rich ladies also discrimate against people who are not in their little country club clique, there is a character who is considered white trash but who married up. She is treated poorly and left friendless and all she wants is to belong, she is lonely.

I like to read reviews of books I am reading, I use for reviews even though I buy epubs from Barnes and Noble because there are more reviews and easier to sort through. Some of the bad reviews came from African Americans in the south who did not like the book, they say the dialogue was not correct. I am not from the south and am not African American so I don't know.

I highly suggest the book.

Friday, July 29, 2011

oh teefury how i love thee

Found one I have to buy. Now if only I can scrounge up 10 dollars.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sarah Bernhardt

I have been reading a biography about Sarah who I have always been interested in. She was a talented actress who took on all kinds of roles even Hamlet. She was playing an ingenue in her 70's. She raised her son to be a dandy. She had many lovers male and possibly female. She was generous to those she employed. She traveled the world. She was an original but my favorite thing about her so far is this hat.....

A bat hat.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My thoughts on the 27 Club

So there is this club called the 27 club you might have heard of it. Famous musicians and other famous people have joined. They all died at 27. Amy Winehouse is the newest member. Here is a list I have compiled:

1. Brian Jones from the rolling stones.

2. Jimi Hendrix

3. Joseph Merrick “The Elephant Man”

4. Janis Joplin

5. Jean-Michel Basquiat

6. Jim Morrison

7. Kurt Cobain

8. D. Boon of the Minutemen

9. Kristin Pfaff

10. Amy Winehouse

Kinda sad so many talented people had to die young, most of these deaths are drug related. While I don't think you can blame fame for Ms Winehouse's death I don't think it helped her. I loved her music and she will be missed. It is too bad she couldn't pull herself together. Luckily Britney Spears made it past this scary age she is 29. Linday Lohan is only 25 and she is not in the clear yet.

Not that I have any musical talent of any kind but when I was younger I really never saw myself living past 27. Life seemed too daunting. So when I made it past that age I was left with the question of what to do with myself. I am kinda stuck I have wasted so much time.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Thoughts on HP 7.2 *spoiler warning*

Top 6 moments

1. Ron & Hermione kiss. Classic. Best movie kiss I have seen in forever.

2. Mcgonagall's Stone warrior spell.

3. Mrs. Weasley calling Bellatrix Lestrange a bitch.

4. Awkward hug between Voldermort and Malfoy.

5. For the final battle I loved that Harry calls Voldermort Tom, reducing him to just a man.

6. Snape. Always.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


*Spoilers if you haven't watched the show and plan to*

So I finally got around to finishing Lost the series. I know I am a few years too late. I liked the finale. I think it cleared up a lot of the mysteries. It especially cleared up the flash forward/sideways world everyone was in. I hope everyone gets to go into a limbo world where you get to resolve your issue and answer questions about yourself. I cried and cried when Juliet and Sawyer recognized each other. A second chance before you die. I think the ending was beautiful. That is all I really have to say for now.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Post Secret of the Week

from which never fails to make me think.

Ha Ha

Saturday, July 9, 2011

What I did after work today.

I have been meaning to try out Bountiful Baskets for some time now and finally did it this Saturday.

I didn't know what to expect, I had heard it was a good deal. 15.00 dollars for a basket of produce. I checked out some blogs were people showed their haul. It looked great.

I arrived a few minutes early so I could find the meeting place.

The people were all very nice and I had my produce in about 15 minutes. I parked in the wrong place and had to walk around the block, the walk back carrying my basket was rough. Just proves how out of shape I am in.

Everything I got looks good. I could go to the grocery store and buy produce but this is exciting. It is like an adventure, you don't know what you are goint to get.

Veggies: Iceberg lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, mushrooms.

Fruit: Bananas, apricots, plums, red pears, pineapple, figs.

The only odd thing I got were the figs but I have a few ideas for those. I can make a desset apple crisp thing with figs or just eat them with oatmeal like I did with some dried figs I once had.

To sign up yourself go to:

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Around the world in 80 days or I wanna ride Darth Vader.

Reason I was late to work today.

I went to see the hot air balloon launch this morning after work at 7am. The plan was to see the balloons and then hit up the festival and be home by 10 am...

Well this is not how it went.

Some one double parked and blocked my car in, the cops who saw it gave them a ticket but didn't help me much. I had to wait, we put a note on the car and I enjoyed a snow cones and some free entertainment with a friend. I did not get home until 1:30 pm. So only a few hours sleep before I had to get up to get to work at 6pm. Lame. Darned those people for stealing my sleep from me, but I had a good time this morning. Seeing professional jugglers fail is always great, wish I had gotten pictures of that too.

Quote of the day!