Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm Not Fat I'm Big Boned

I heart Cartman!

The state of Georgia has a new anti childhood obesity campaign. Our First Lady Michelle Obama has her "Let's Move" campaign. I am fine with encouraging healthy behavior but I feel these billboards and commercials are damning to the poor fat kids. Fat kids already have it rough. I don't know the statistics but I am pretty sure overweight kids are picked on and discriminated against the most. More picked on than children of different ethnic and religious backgrounds, or financial status's. While it is not socially acceptable to make fun of handicapped people, or people of different races or backgrounds, it is perfectly fine to make fun of overweight people. I feel that this campaign to "Eliminate Childhood Obesity" will just fuel the contempt people have for the obese. I know that obesity is a problem for children and adults but I don't think the children need to be singled out and picked on for it.

"To declare we're going to eliminate childhood obesity — that's actually a very stigmatizing thing to say. The overweight child hears that and thinks, `They wish I wasn't here.'"- Paul Ernsberger (Ph.D & co-author of The Obesity Myth)

I was a fat kid and I am a fat adult. I try to solve this issue and give up easily taking comfort in things like this:

Oh my bloody goodness that cupcake looks so good.

If Ms. Killjoy Obama has her way cupcakes with extra frosting will be banned.

O.K. back to the topic at hand. As an overweight child I was lucky I managed to avoid teasing a lot of the time. I still got my fair share but I used humor to deflect it and make friends. I didn't get picked on as bad as some others do. I also managed to learn to avoid certain people who did pick on me. But I don't think I was bullied much.

Heathers was my favorite movie when I was in Jr High and High School. I wanted to be Veronica, Winona Ryders cool character, but sadly I related more to Martha Dumptruck who tried kill her self by walking into traffic. Keep in mind this movie was a comedy.

Now I am all for teaching good eating habits and encouraging exercise to kids but... As a child I remember my grandmother encouraging me to diet and eat less and to my eight year old brain it didn't make sense. I just couldn't comprehend the concept of calories and fat and it making me fat. (I have always struggled with math) When I got older it made sense but I still would give in to pizza and other bad foods all the time for comfort. I think the education needs to go the parents. If there are no chips and cookies in the house then the kid can't eat them so much.

Check out B

I like the Beyonce video, I guess I just don't like the billboards with obese kids on them looking forlorn and I don't like "Eliminate Childhood Obesity" I think it is damaging and would have made me feel like crap when I was a kid. P.E. and the Presidents Physical Fitness challenge made me feel bad enough. I could never do a pull up no matter how hard I try. I worry that kids who are overweight will feel worse than they already do.

They should teach parents and kids about nutrition and encourage physical activities to get the kids in the country healthier but they should also teach acceptance.

That is all. Now where are my cheesy poofs?

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