Saturday, July 25, 2009

Urine Luck

Urine in luck if you need a cure for the common eye stye cause I has one. A cure that is the stye is gone.

I had a painful stye it wasn't too big but it hurt and I wanted it gone. I read that you should put warm compresses on it but this did not help. I asked my grandmother who knows who to cure most ailments and she grabbed herself Michael Jackson style and told me to put a little pee pee on the stye. She said that is what my mother always did. Hmm. I remember getting a stye as a child but not the pee. Hmm

So out of desperation I did it, I put urine on my outer eye. Low and behold it worked like a charm stye is going away. Thanks Grandma Dorothy for the great tip.

Now too bad I can't pee all over the mess in my apartment, it is also a stye just a different kind.