Monday, April 13, 2009

Tales of la bibliotek

So here I am at the library downloading some new stuff from iTunes. Hey before you get after me for spending the money. I deserve it. I deserve some new music. I do. So zip it. In case you are wondering I bought the new Kelly Clarkson, some hip hop, some Velvet Underground, and some Disney and show tunes stuff. Oh and two Buffy eps. Weird combo I know but I am eclectic.
So here is a list of things I observed at the Provo Library from 3pm to 6pm. It takes a long time to download iTunes and I also watched an episode of Dollhouse so I was there for a while

3:00- A young man who was about 12 or so. He was with his mother might have been foster mother she had a few boys all of different races. He was watching some Hannah Montana stuff online and whenever his brothers came over to him he would hide his shame. It was funny; he didn’t want them to see what he was doing.

3:15- Drunken man on Rascal scooter. He was pretty scruffy looking and his scooter was pretty banged up. It was loaded up with his belongings; on the floor of the scooter he had a case of drinking water. Hey a man on the go has to stay hydrated. He was zipping around the library pretty fast and saying unintelligible things. The employees of the library were trying to track him down and he zipped away super fast. It was pretty great.

4:00- A lady talking to the wall. She kind of looked like a polygamist type person but wasn’t. Pretty plain, wearing a floral dress. She was just a chatting away to the wall updating them on her family going ons. I thought that there had to be someone around the corner she was speaking to so I got up and headed to the desk where the librarians are. Nope she was talking to the wall. I have a co-worker she needs to meet then they can talk to each other. Polygamist looking woman meet Ghostbusters. It would sound like a party. Mmm Hmm.

4:30- Man behind me looking at graphic novels. He was sleeping or something but he started moaning. Come on people keep it together this is the public library.

5:15: Nerd kid viewing Asian porn. I was at one of the study desks with my laptop which is right across from the computers the library has and this young man was looking at dirty Asian bondage pictures and saving them to his memory stick. I bet he intends to play with another stick a little later. It was weird employees kept walking by and they didn’t notice it.

6:02- Me. Well I have to pee and my downloads are almost done and I don't want to pack everthing up only to just come back so I am trying to wait it out. I will have to do the scissor dance out of hear. I don't agree with Adam Sandler, peeing your pants is not cool.